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With HEART, Melissa and Mario want to let adults and children taste a delicious mix of pure flavors that give you more energy.

Their roots are in Spain, Chile and China, and you can tell by the menu. From Spanish vegan tortillas and  scrambled tofu into a  Asian stew packed with flavour.


But also homemade  granola, vegan croissants  and hearty sourdough sandwiches with healthy spreads appear on the table here.

plant based

Just enjoy


HART is a plant-based brunch and dinner restaurant in Antwerp and serves according to the seasons. Here you enjoy  heart-warming dishes that make you feel happy and satisfied.


of necessity
to pure love

The moment when the entire family turned out to be lactose intolerant and the youngest daughter refused every bite of meat at the age of three, it was the starting point of a tasty journey of discovery. Step by step, Melissa and Mario deepened  herself  in the  vegetarian and later vegan cuisine, and what is really in our food.

Melissa's passion for cooking quickly translated into a table full of natural delicacies and before she knew it, coffee houses knocked on her door for her vegan cakes. Through a series of catering assignments, she and Mario showed how versatile vegan can be - culminating in a wedding party where the two of them made no fewer than a hundred guests mouth water.

Mario has already taken many tasty courses out of interest and can talk a lot about coffee. A few years ago he passed his first training as a barista. "Every good coffee has its ritual. From the beans and grind to the temperature and throughput time. From the first to the last cup.

Every detail should be exactly the same."

“Pure food is closest to nature and helps cleanse your body, but also recover faster ”

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